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Service Publication – FDTV+ App & Privacy 

Your interactions with the FDTV+ app, including playback, searches, purchases, and device trust score,  are utilized to personalize your experience, enhance service quality, send notifications, and prevent  fraud. Your device’s serial number may be checked for service eligibility. 

### Purpose and Collection of Data 

– The FDTV+ app consolidates your favorite TV shows and movies. 

– We may collect details on your purchases, downloads, in-app activities, watched content, and viewing  locations across connected devices. This data aids in service provision and app enhancement. 

### Data Usage and Storage 

– User data helps refine app features and performance, ensuring compatibility with various devices and  network connections. 

### Personalization and Communication 

– We may communicate with you about FDTV+ updates and offers, respecting your preferences for such  communications. 

### Advertising 

– Users can opt out of personalized advertising. 

### Sharing with Third Parties 

– We may share non-personal data with partners for service improvement. 

– Subscription details may be shared with platiorm providers for app functionality and support on  devices. 

### Data Retention 

– We retain personal data for varying durations based on operational needs and legal requirements. ### User Controls

– Users can manage their account online, including preference and content restrictions. 

### Legal Compliance 

– Personal data processing aligns with contractual obligations and legal compliance. – We prioritize user consent and adhere to local privacy laws. 

This privacy policy is subject to change and users are encouraged to review it periodically for updates.

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