Tired of Dealing with Computer Hardware Costs and Maintenance? There’s a better way.

Trying to pay for and maintain your business’ computer hardware in-house can be a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides the initial capital investment and necessary technical resources involved, you constantly have to pay for upgrades as new technology is released. Now there’s a better solution for businesses in Atlanta: HaaS (Hardware as a Service) from FIRE DOG, which offers you the latest technology, service and support – all for one low monthly rate.

FIRE DOG’s HaaS packages provide you with:

  • Popular software applications and operating systems
  • Pre-established monthly fees, with no headaches or surprises
  • Guaranteed performance, as well as tech support available 24/7
  • Ability to scale and grow with you as your needs change
  • Improved workplace productivity through superior hardware


Quality computer hardware is highly important in today’s fast moving business environment, but the resources required to buy, configure and support that hardware is often too much for most SMBs. But with HaaS’s subscription-based payment model, you’ll get the business computer hardware you need to get ahead of your competitors, while also freeing up your working capital.

Our HaaS solutions allow you to escape from the frustrations of buying and maintaining your own computer hardware and focus your energies on building your business. You’ll benefit from improved productivity while your employees enjoy the opportunity to use the latest and best computer hardware. And if problems arise at any time, our Atlanta HaaS experts are nearby and ready to help.

Contact FIRE DOG’s Atlanta team today to learn why we’re the computer hardware and IT company Atlanta business owners choose when they’re looking for a quality HaaS provider.

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