Hospitality WiFi Networks


In the hospitality and resort industries, the need for dependable wireless networks is no longer just an option. Every day, more and more business is done wirelessly, and if there is a not a stable wireless network available, your guests and owners will have a negative experience that could ultimately affect your bottom line.

As the resort, hotel, condo and other hospitality industries recover from the global economic slump, a major evolution is starting to happen— not seen since the inception of the travel industry. The business landscape — characterized by growing commoditization, increased competition, as well as economic, geographic, and demographic shifts — has catalyzed the industry toward embracing technology.  This new ingredient will fundamentally change every day business activities from managing guest experiences to performing back-office activities.

Far and above all other amenities, customers demanded wireless access on the grounds and in their rooms.

Both business customers and recreational travelers indicated that wireless was the No. 1 priority in the rooms. Thirty-four percent of business travelers won’t stay at facilities without Internet. Almost all respondents wished all hotels had wireless services since most were bringing laptops, smartphones, and tablets into the establishment.

Businesses are investing in the wrong areas, because current wireless deployments don’t meet user expectations.

Business decision-makers’ top priority is meeting customer’s expectations, but they indicated their top method of doing this was cutting costs within IT and reducing hotel operational expenses. In a time when cost offers little differentiation between sites, customers would be best served by improving their wireless experience since this is owners’ and customers’ No. 1 amenity.  It’s a foregone conclusion that business does not function without Internet access.

We don’t believe that support should ever be unavailable – no more “sorry, we are closed for the day”

Our Service Desk team is staffed and provides support for your wireless networks, owners, and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Using equipment from Ruckus Wireless, ADTRAN, Motorola, Juniper, Cisco, Ubiquiti, HP, and 3Com and others,  we design, build, install, and support wireless networks for  condominiums, hotels, campuses, corporate HQ’s, industrial locations, and anywhere else Wi-Fi is needed.

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