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Employing a full-time tech support staff requires considerable time and capital investments. Most small businesses in Atlanta lack the resources to add permanent IT personnel to the payroll. Further, with fluctuating needs, the average SMB cannot justify having full-time IT support staff.

FIRE DOG’s business IT support services are a perfect match for small and midsize companies that want a highly responsive and dependable tech support resource available when the need arises, but don’t necessarily need or want ongoing management services.

FIRE DOG tech support specialists provide hourly support in the following areas (among others):

  • Hardware installation and modification
  • Network setup and implementation
  • Software/application education and support
  • Technical and Help Desk support


A diverse cross-section of small and midsize organizations in the Atlanta area, our small business IT support clients receive prompt support, remotely or in person, whenever the need arises. Their greatest advantage? They get an entire team of tech support specialists at their disposal for a fraction of the expense of hiring one new employee. With our assistance, they’re able to tackle all of their IT hurdles while staying lean and mean.

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